Wednesday, January 20, 2016

we are going to London city

This is the letter that Sara wrote during her last class with me. We had a very good time while having English classes but the date has arrived and I have to say good bye. I am 23 years old, live in Madrid but moving to London next Saturday and here you have Sara's letter:

"Today is Wednesday 23rd February 2011, the weather is hot. We are having English class, the last one.

We have practiced: Past simple, Past continuous, Present Simple, Present continuous and Future.

We read four books in two years. The last book I read was about two men, one old and rich and the other old but poor. One day the old man recieved a letter from his son. The letter included $100. The man went to a bank and asked for the money but the man didn´t have an ID. He couldn´t take the money. The old man went to the photographer and gave $2 to make some photos. The man came back another day but the photographer didn´t give the photos and the old man fought him.

Finally the poor man recieved the other letter, and went to the house of the rich man. He looked the letter with the other man and gave $10 because the letter wasn´t valid.

We played WHO IS WHO. My name is Sara, I am eleven years old and don´t like English."

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